Mission Statement

To further the happiness, education, and fitness of the participating gymnasts.


To develop each individual’s confidence, self esteem, self discipline, and hard work ethic; to further develop each gymnast’s physical, mental, social, and emotional health and fitness, through a safe, fun, challenging, and positive training environment and competitive experiences.

Focus on Quality training: learning the most in the least amount of time

2018-2019 AAU Meet Schedule

Meet DateMeetHosting GymLevelsMeet site Registration deadline
1/13/2019 Meet360 SportsAll LevelsGrand Geneva Resort
7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva, WI
Early registration with 25% off before 10/1/2018
regular deadline is 11/28/2018
2/16-17/2019Carnaval ClassicWildcard GymnasticsAll Levels 3545 N 127th St, Brookfield Entry fee $60/gymnast and Team entry is $35
Registration deadline is 2/1/2019
3/9-10/2019 Carousel GymnasticsAll Levels1906 Godfrey Dr. Waupaca, WI Registration deadline is 1/19/2019
Entry fee $50
4/12-14/2019AAU State MeetBlue AngleAll LevelsOnalaska High School
Onalaska WI
5/17-19/2019AAU Midwest RegionalBlue AngleAll LevelsECIndoor Sports Center, EauClaire, 3/7/2019

Additional Class schedule Jan. - May 2019

1/510:00-noon 1/1210:00-noon2/210:00-noon
2/910:00-noon 3/210:00-noon 3/910:00-noon

2018-2019 AAU meet results

Jr. Eagle Meet results 12/15/2018 La Crosse, WI

Kelly X.18 & under9.4(2)9.4(1T)9.2(2)9.4(1T)37.4(1)
Hailey P.18 & under8.85(3)9.4(1T)9.3(1)9.4(1T)36.95(2)
Evelyn F.18 & under9.5(1)8.55(4)8.75(3)9.05(4T)35.85(3)
Briar W.19 & up9.3(1T)9.05(1)8.85(2T)9.2(1)(1)36.41(1)
Izabella B.19 & up9.3(1T)8.45(5)8.45(1)9(3)35.6(3)
Delaney K.19 & up8.9(3)8.5(4)8.55(5)8.2(5)34.15(5)
Kaili Z.28 & under9.2(3)8.1(4)8.9(3)9.4(1)35.6(1)
Autumn S.28 & under9.4(1)8.1(4)9.2(1)9.05(3)35.35(2T)
Wendy F.210 & up9.25(1)9.3(1)9.4(1T)8.85(3T)36.75(1)
Ana S.210 & up9.1(3T)9.15(2)8.85(3T)9.1(5)36.2(2)
Lauren K.311 & up9.55(2)6.75(6)8.25(5)8.9(1)33.45(5)

Bear Boo Meet Results 10/28/2018 Bara Boo, WI

Team Level 1 1st Place total Score 110

Team Level 3 2nd place total score 103.25

Hailey P.18 & under9.4(2)9.0(1)8.8(1)9.2(2)36.4(1)
Kelly X.18 & under9.25(2)8.65(2)8.1(2)9.3(1)35.3(2)
Evelyn F.18 & under9.5(1)7.2(3)7.8(3)8.8(3)33.3(3)
Briar W.19 & up9.45(1)8.6(1)8.5(1)8.7(2)(1)35.25(1)
Delaney K.19 & up9.4(2)8.45(2)8.0(3)8.0(3)33.85(2)
Lauren K.310 & up9.45(1)7.3(4)6.76(4)8.4(2T)32.75(3)
Alanna W.310 & up9.0(3)7.6(3)8.15(3)7.5(4)32.25(4)
Addisen H.38 & 99.6(1)A7.85(7)8.1(6)8.7(1T)34.25(4)
Natalie T.38 & 99.5(2)A8.1(4)8.2(4T)8.3(5T)34.1(5)
Sophia P.38 & 99.45(3)A8.0(5T)8.2(4T)7.0(9)32.65(6)
Tegan K.38 & 99.4(4)6.2(9)6.7(7T)8.7(1T)31.0(7)
Emily T.38 & 99.1(7T)8.25(2)5.6(9)8.0(7)30.95(8)
Paige E.4All Ages8.35(1)7.9(1)8.5(2)7.2(1)31.95(1)
Katlyn T.5All Ages9.05(1)7.0(1)8.15(1)8.0(1)32.2(1)
Isabella P.XP12 & under9.1(1T)7.35(3)9.0(4)7.9(6)33.35(5)

Fall Challenge AAU Meet Results 9/29/2018 Middleton, WI

Team Level 1

Team Level 2

Team Level 3

Hailey P.1All Ages9.0(2T)8.7(3)8.25(3)9.3(2)35.25(1)
Briar W.1All Ages8.7(5)8.8(1T)8.3(2)9.4(1)35.2(2)
Kelly X.1All Ages9.0(2T)8.8(1T)7.4(5)9.0(3)34.2(3)
Izabella B.1All Ages8.75(4)8.5(4)8.45(1)8.4(5)34.1(4)
Evelyn F.1All Ages9.2(1)6.7(5)7.7(4)8.7(4)32.3(5)
Autumn S.2Junior9.05(2T)6.3(6)7.95(1)8.0(6)31.3(6)
Wendy F.2Senior9.35(1)9.3(1)8.0(3)9.0(1T)35.65(1T)
Ana S.2Senior9.0(3)8.8(3)7.5(5)8.7(5)34.0(5)
Addisen H.3All Ages9.5(2)A8.2(1)6.85(1)8.6(1)33.15(1)
Lauren K.3All Ages9.45(3)8.0(2)6.5(2)8.2(2)32.15(2)
Tegan K.3All Ages9.65(1)7.2(3)6.0(3)8.0(3)30.85(3)
Bradley M.4All Ages8.45(1)6.1(1)6.1(1)7.8(1)28.45(1)
Katlyn T.5All Ages9.1(1)6.0(1)6.25(1)8.25(1)29.6(1)

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