We have summer classes, All Open Gyms are Suspended until further notice.

Open Gym Pricing and Ages

Ages CostNotes
Under 12 months with paid sibling is freeNo Parents play
Under 12 months$2/kidNo Parents play
12-16 months$3/kidNo Parents play
17-18 months and younger $4/kidNo Parents play
18 months-24 months $5/kidNo Parents play
2-4 years and younger$6/child,$10 for two siblings in age group No Parents play
3-5 years old current students $1 offNo Parents play
Currnet Team students $5
5 years old non member$7/childNo Parents play
6 - 7 years old non member$8/child
8 - 9 years old non member$9/child
non student 10-12 years old $10/child
non student 13 years old $11/child
non student 14 years old $12/child

Parent must sign in and pick up inside the Gymlingo.

5 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Zip line and Air Barrel capacity are under 175 lbs.

Bungee jump capacity is 120 lbs. 5 minutes, $6 ( under 90 lbs) $8( over 90 lbs)

Welcome play groups with at least 10 children come to Gymlingo. The form is here.

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